Display Boards

All our Display Boards are a complete kit requiring no cutting. Parents and student can feel secure knowing they can spend more discovery time on the Science Project and less time on how to display.

Project Board

  • Free project titles included
  • 36" tall, 48" wide, 12" sides, 24" back
  • Self supporting with free header board
  • Sturdy corrugated single wall construction
  • Board and header are completely reversible
  • Available in 3 colors (red, green, yellow,)
  • Can be used as a fund raiser
  • All boards are completely recyclable
  • Please consult with science fair rules for size requirements before purchasing
  • This is a patented display board
Red SF102 $5.00
Green SF103 $5.00
Yellow SF104 $5.00

Display Board

  • Easy to assemble
  • Project titles included
  • Sturdy corrugated construction
  • Separate attachable title board
  • Base can be angled or flat
  • Reusable plastic carrying bag
  • Can be used as a fund raiser
  • All products are completely recyclable
  • This is a patented display board
Small Boards (96cm top to bottom; 56cm left to right)
Small White - ***BEST SELLER*** SF095 $8.00
Small Blue SF096 $8.00
Small Red SF097 $8.00
Small Green SF098 $8.00
Small Yellow SF099 $8.00
Small Black SF094 $8.00
Large Boards (113cm top to bottom; 59 cm left to right)
Large White SF113 $9.00
Large Blue SF114 $9.00
Large Red SF115 $9.00
Large Green SF116 $9.00
Large Yellow SF117 $9.00
Large Black SF112 $9.00


  • Titles are 11⁄2" x 81⁄2" on heavy card stock
  • 14 titles included in each set (see image)
  • Two colors to choose from: Red & Green
Red SF903 $0.95
Green SF904 $0.95

Science Project Folder

An organizational planner that assists the student in scheduling each phase of the scientific method. Each folder contains a storage pocket to organize the data and research of all information needed to complete the project. Includes helpful hints for safety and for displaying the project.

Science Project Folder SF340 $1.75